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Concerned Citizens United Over Municipal Electoral Reform

​ST. JOHN’S - The Citizens’ Assembly for Stronger Elections (CASE) released a report today outlining recommendations to increase the integrity of and participation in the democratic processes that govern municipalities across the province.

Recently, municipal and provincial governments have indicated a desire to strengthen legislation governing and processes involved in municipal elections in Newfoundland and Labrador. The members of CASE see this as a valuable opportunity for greater citizen input and involvement. The release of the report follows the announcement of a Provincial Review of municipal legislation, the St. John’s City Council’s adoption of the final report on the 2017 municipal election, and a call by St. John’s City Councillors for a more in-depth review of the election process.

“We are a diverse group of citizens who share a common interest of promoting democratic participation in our city,” said CASE Chairperson, Caitlin Urquhart. “We believe it’s time for our municipalities to embrace some important changes to increase participation in municipal elections for both voters and candidates.”

The report outlines a series of recommendations, all of which aim to promote accessibility and inclusion within the municipal electoral system. Some of these recommendations include enfranchising permanent residents and students, the introduction of ranked ballot voting and tightening campaign finance rules.

“Newfoundland and Labrador has the opportunity to be a leader in municipal electoral reform,” continued Urquhart, “We urge all councillors and MHAs in the province to join us in the call for greater participation in our municipal electoral system.”


For more information, contact Caitlin Urquhart at (709) 754-4845,

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