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Take Action! Join our Call for Municipal Election Reform

Join the Citizens' Assembly for Stronger Elections in our call for municipal election reform before the January 31st deadline!

The provincial government is conducting a review of Municipal Legislation and we want the Municipal Elections Act to be amended now to ensure municipalities can implement in time for the next elections in 2021.

**Your submission and information will be published on the EngageNL Website (including your names and organization, if applicable)

You can call on the Province to make meaningful change for a stronger democracy by:

1. uploading it on the EngageNL website

2. emailing to:

3. mailing to:

Municipal Legislation Review Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment 4th Floor

West Block, Confederation Building

P.O. Box 8700

St. John's, NL

A1B 4J6

Don't know what to say? Feel free to use our sample text:

Dear Review Committee,

It is my sincere hope that you will include the Municipal Elections Act in your upcoming review of the Municipalities Act. In particular, I encourage you to act upon the calls to action of the Citizens’ Assembly for Stronger Elections. Elections are integral to our democratic system; if they are not carried out in a manner that is transparent, fair, and accessible to all, then there is a failure in our democracy which is unacceptable. This failure in turn means that the needs of those who live in this province are not being adequately addressed. Particulars of improvements that can be made to the Municipal Elections Act and aspects of the current election system that should be reviewed can be found at

It is incumbent upon this government to include municipal elections in the current review. Should the review of the Municipal Elections Act be postponed and addressed following this review, it will not leave sufficient time for the municipalities to prepare for any changes which may affect them. Elections require a great deal of planning and time to coordinate and organize. I believe there are many ways in which the election process across Newfoundland and Labrador can be improved, and it is crucial that these improvements be addressed now.

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